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Dec 23, 2012 8:00am EST
be more guns, armed guards in every school in america, we'll talk about that with the senators as well. we're also, though, i will say, wisdom, going to take a different look at this. because some people say there's a lack of morality in our culture and our lives. we're going to talk about newtown also with pastor rick warren, the man who wrote "the purpose-driven life," the big best seller a decade ago that says god has a plan for us. we'll talk to him to get his take on how he reads these continuing acts of just unspeakable violence that we see every few months in this country. >> all right. and finally, one of the other issues you'll be talking about, is this report about benghazi, saying there were security failures from the top on down pretty much? >> well, that's right, but not quite the top on down. this was a report that was done by an independent panel, but appointed by secretary of state clinton. they have said there were gross, inadequate failures of security at the consulate, failure to beef up the security beforehand. but having said that, they placed the blame at the assistan
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am EST
fete tall -- 7 feet tall. after four decades of dick clark helping america ring in the new year, 2013 will be the first celebration following his death. a special waterford crystal with clark's name engraved on it will be in the ball this year. we spoke with his wife who says she remembers watching the weather report this time of year since she knew they would be outside for so many hours and always looked forward to their new year's kiss. >> i sort of separate, the only way i can deal with this whole thing is i think of the television dick clark not my husband and then i can deal with it, if i have to think of that's my husband, he's not here, that's hard. >> depending who you ask, 13 is considered lucky to some, unlucky to others but for the superstitious out there, dreading 2013 no need to fear. good luck charms have been attached to the 13 to washed off the potential bad luck. in new york city, ana koiman fox news. >>> the next chapter of one of nfl's biggest rivalries hours away. coming up we talk to a redskins expert about how rare tonight's match-up really is.  >>>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2